Monday, January 25, 2010

Being Prepared at a Moment's Notice

This is a list of very simple (as in Elementary level) things that you can do as an artist each week –that are absolutely free – that will help your outlook and your art. They will also help you to be prepared for opportunities that come your way.

Be Social
Introduce yourself to a few new people each week. As an artist, the impression you leave with people is very important. Word-of-mouth gets around faster and is more effective than any form of marketing. Be nice to the people you interact with. Ask them what they do; tell them about what you do. Leave them a business card. Genuinely figure out if there is anything you can do to help them, or if you know of someone who can help them with their goals.

Start with a Positive Attitude
A friend of mine starts each day by making a list of ten things that they are thankful for. I start my day by focusing on the positive things I get to do that day and by thanking God for just being Him. Whatever you do in the morning, start with a fresh outlook (regardless of the day before) and think positively about your new day.

Be Proactive
If you are a writer, then write every day. If you are an actress, take an acting class, look for gigs or join a community group with similar interests. If you are a music artist, write music, sing and brainstorm every day. Time is a precious gift that we must not waste. Even if I have a crazy day, I try to write at least a paragraph of something and look for new opportunities in my field.

Be Ready
Try to have a decent backstock of articles, images, songs, or paintings (or whatever you do) so that if something comes up, you're ready. Also, they don't have to be in perfect condition, but maintain your website and  blog, so that people can find you on the Internet. (Yes, I realize that I have offended the "maintain your blog" policy of late, and I'm sorry!)

These are things I try to do more and more as I’m coming to realize how important my thought life and energy level is to the things I create and to my purpose. What things do you do throughout the week to help you stay "ready"? What things do you do that are important to your creative process?

image: lululemon athletica