Brooke here. So as you can tell this is not exactly a picture of me, but I like to think I look like this. I work for a very fun, very small publishing house as an editor and designer ... and I love my job! I started the original Book Counselors blog as a way to connect with writers and help them discover ways to get their books published. Now that we've linked up with Regina (below), we will still be helping writers but we'll also be providing marketing advice and more! RANDOM LOVES: THE SHOW PRIVATE PRACTICE, GRAPHIC DESIGN AND 1950'S CLOTHING
Ello there (hear my British accent please). Regina here. This blog is a place for me to combine/feed two of my passions: helping people build businesses or brand themselves and writing. I have been writing since I was a little girl (on an IBM computer with a dot matrix printer and 5 1/4 diskettes). My love for making up stories and writing informational pieces never died so I decided to do something about it and become a writer (HARD work). I've written many freelance articles and short stories, and am now the author of two small business books: The Small Business Manual and The Social Media Management Planner & Quick Guide. You can find out more about those books here. I run a consulting firm by day (Anjou Consulting on Facebook) and I blog by night to connect with you and hopefully provide some inspiration for your writing or marketing efforts. Leave us a comment and let us know if it is working! RANDOM LOVES: FOOTBALL, CLASSICAL MOVIES AND PAJAMAS.
Photo: (c) Christopher Ferguson