Friday, September 25, 2009

Real Life Networking for Artists

Branding in a Flash Week is coming to a close. With all the long (and hopefully somewhat useful) posts we've had this week, this one is going to be short.

Monday we talked about the Artist Business Card
Tuesday we reviewed the items needed in An Effective Artist's Résumé
Wednesday we discussed What to Include in a Website and How to Promote It (for artists)
and yesterday we addressed the Rules of Social Networking Online

Today we are talking about the live networking that we do. Meeting people and getting to know them professionally is important. Acting, singing, writing, and many other art forms are not only industries built on skill and excellence, but they are also people industries. It helps to know people, people that you can help and people that can recommend you to a certain gig or agent. Meeting new people and building relationships within our industry and other related industries, should not be taken lightly.

It is something I have not done well in the past, so I decided to try something new. My new list consists of:
  • When I meet people, I tell them what I do and I give them one of my business cards if they appear interested, if they work in a similar industry, or if I think I might be able to help them in anyway
  • I decided to join to local groups in my region: one is for screenwriters of all kinds, one is for mystery novel writers. I have also decided to be a member of a state-wide group that offers writing classes in my city.
  • I have made it my goal to go to at least two related conferences per year. These seem to be a great way to get to know other writers and to learn a lot from professionals in my field.
What "in person" networking do you do? Is it hard for you to walk up to someone and introduce yourself as an actor or writer, etc.? Do you feel you make enough new contacts each month? Is networking a priority to you or something that just happens if it happens?


  1. I'll admit, for me networking is something that just happens if it happens. I'm not good at the networking game and if I have a downfall I'm sure that'll be it. :|

  2. I'm not good at the personal networking either. At this point in my 'career' it doesn't seem necessary. I hope someday it is, though, and I'll have to greatly improve those skills.

  3. Right now it's just something that "happens" :) I plan to get business cards (thanks to Monday's post!) that have my contact info and blog address on it, so that when people do express interest I can just hand them something, rather than saying, "Have you got a pen?" :) These were really great Regina...I learned alot!! Have a great weekend.