Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What to do when you're not at all inspired...

So it turns out today is one of those uninspired NaNo days. I have 50,000 words to write this month and I can't think today. I don't know how to pull off the next scene I'm writing in a fashion that fits my story. What to do? Should I walk away for a while? Write it even if it sucks and go back to edit later? I need help! What do you do when your stuck?

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  1. Keep writing, even if it sucks. Even if it doesn't make the scene shine. The wrong words will push you to the write (right)words!

    Praying for you!

  2. Yeah, write anyways. Figure out what the scene needs and write that, that's what 2nd drafts are for!

  3. Tamika- thank you. I'm going to try that.

    Wes- You should get an award just for making a serious comment.

  4. Or... my favorite advice.... write something else that comes later, that you already know about. Then come back to this. Fingers crossed... stick it out, Regina!

  5. Regina,
    I've done the same thing, sat down and just wrote a sketchy few sentences, or even something like this. ...Not sure how to transition-next scene... And then I go to the next scene. It's freeing. And usually once you go back over it (NEXT month) that scene becomes clear to you. Or get up and do a household chore, writing is much more fun, so you are likely to sit back down and muck through it. :)

  6. I'm diving in. Wish me luck... I haven't started today and I've been home sick. I'm in a very sad state myself.

  7. Reg,

    I wish I had something insightful today to tell you about your block. I don't, but know that I can at least make you laugh...

    "If at first you don't succeed skydiving is not for you."

    Glad I could help...

  8. L.T. - thank you. I will stick it out and move on.

    Kristi- you are right about household chores. I may try that when I get home.

    J.J.- good luck. I hope you feel better soon. I hate getting sick when I have deadlines. I pray you are back to normal asap.

    Brittany- what would life be like without that wise advice you just gave? JK, but you did make me laugh. Thanks.

  9. Sometimes just plugging on can be a killer, IMO, b/c your story might go in a wholly unintended direction (which, conversely, could be serendipitous)... guess it depends how much the scene affects future events and how much you're spinning your wheels.

  10. I check out other people's blogs :)
    Other than that, I take a break, or like others suggested, I skip ahead to another scene. I don't usually write when I'm not feeling it because for the reasons Bane stated above.

  11. Bane- good point.

    Steph- I turn to other blogs frequently. Heading to yours now actually!

  12. I'm having one of those days today. Well, technically it's over now, but I spent three hours trying to rewrite one scene. Nothing was working for me. Maybe tomorrow, we'll both have better days.

  13. Try walking and listening to some loud music, clears the head.

    You could always skip a bit and try again later.

  14. Todd Stone says you can't write anything bad because you're always going to improve it. As you know, most writers don't send their first drafts in. Go ahead, write the stuff that may not be "as good", and then go back and improve it later :-)

    If that doesn't work take a little break, and work on scene developments, et cetera. Look up my blog posts from the Workshop to see some suggestions Todd Stone makes (believe me, they helped!)

    Best of luck and happy writing! :-)