Monday, May 24, 2010

Important Reasons (and Inexpensive Places) to Get Business Cards ... Now!

This post is for those of you writers, musicians or other artists who have not ordered/made business cards for yourself yet. This is the smallest, least expensive, yet most crucial piece of marketing material that you can have for yourself.


  1. Great advice! Business cards accomplish quite a bit for the savvy individual.

  2. I learned that lesson and it has come in handy. I went the ubber cheap route getting them through VistaPrint, but regardless I have them and I can pass them around, give them to clients for referrals so my name and business get out there. It was step #1 for me to begin to take myself seriously as a photographer and I think it's a great and easy first step for anyone starting their own business.

  3. Wes- And none is more savvy than you sir.

    RoddyG- I'm glad to hear that! It does help an artist or business owner take themselves seriously. I'm a big fan of the stuff I've seen of yours at INspired Photos. Keep up the amazing work. I may have some camera questions for you soon because I need a new one.