Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I ask you: Why aren't you on YouTube already?

Not sure if it's common knowledge or not, but a crazy thing happened in the Online World in 2008 that should have an affect on how you conduct business online as an entrepreneur or artist. Even though much time has passed since then, that year saw the rise of YouTube to the spot of #2 most used search engine. More people were using YouTube to find information than Yahoo!

I know you see where this is going.

If you are marketing yourself or your business, get on YouTube, now! You're already a few years late (like me) but no one is judging you. You'll still be ahead of the game if you hop on now.

"But I'm a hairstylist (or lawyer, designer, restaurant owner, etc.), what could I post on YouTube?"

If you're a hairstylist, make videos about how to do a certain hairstyle at home or how to care for your hair. Include your web address (you do have a sleek and amazing website design don't you?) in your video and voila!

If you're a lawyer, give free tips or talk about uncommon laws.

If you're an author, give writing tips, read part of your book or make a book trailer (which is like a movie trailer, but better).

If you own a restaurant, post quick and easy recipes online.

Just remember to name your video something useful like "Your Topic by Your Name" or "Your Name: Your Topic" (ex: Love & Change Studios: How to Get More Web Traffic on Your Blog) and include your web address somewhere in the video (text and/or verbally).
"But, I don't have a High Def camcorder."

Get over it. They don't have to be Hollywood quality. Just add some good content (or "nuggets" as I like to call them) and your charming personality.

If you want more ideas on types of videos you can post, then tweet me and I will respond with some!


  1. Great idea! I'd never thought of using YouTube as a marketing tool.

  2. Cool! I didn't know it was the #2 search engine, but it doesn't surprise me. Have a great weekend!

  3. So yeah I have a YouTube account now (ever since Glee audition submissions) and now I guess I should start utilizing it more. I'm just not a video afficionado, but I'll try to take advantage of the awesomeness of video communication!

  4. Yup! That is definitely the place to be! So many have experienced success through that medium in all venues!
    as you have said...
    I need to get on youtube!